From "No More Whining" by Ginger Plowman 3
Like many young couples expecting their first child, Kim and I talked through some of the “fights” we were willing to have with our kids.  Several older and much wiser parents had told us to pick them carefully so we decided to get an early start.  On the top of […]

A Cure for Whining

Josiah can be silly.  But at 11pm?  No, it made sense to him. 3
I play the saxophone in our Church’s praise band a few weeks out of the month.  Tonight’s band practice was a little later than normal, but that was okay.  I had everything worked out.  I would get home around 9:30pm sit down at the computer and write out a post […]

It Made Sense to Him

Young tadpoles in a driveway puddle.  That frog will not get the parent of the year award. 8
While mowing the lawn over the weekend I made a wonderful discovery.  I noticed the grass clipping that were being thrown into our driveway pool (a forever puddle at the bend of our drive) seemed to make a larger disturbance than usual.  Being the inquisitive type, I shut the blades […]

Unexpected Summer Guests

Fatherhood is a wonderful adventure.  Embrace it! (Image: ## Losevsky##) 6
Just like Mom, Dad has a day all to himself. That day is Sunday, yep Father’s Day is here again. To be honest, I debated doing a Fathers Day post. Not because I feel it doesn’t deserve special attention, but rather because, as a father, it seems a little self […]

DAD: What Fatherhood Means

baby_com 3
How many of you like commercials featuring cute little babies?  Come on now, be honest.  Okay, what if I widen the question to include computer “enhanced” babies as well?  Does that change anything?  There have been several companies that have done well by featuring babies in their commercials.  The latest […]

The Baby Commercial Trend