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So times have changed, but does the family need to?  Maybe, maybe not. (Image: ## 8
So, what size is your family?  Yeah, I know, that is being a little forward isn’t it.  It is a topic that comes up in our house every now and then though.  Currently we have three kids.  We are currently in the process of adopting our fourth.  Hopefully she will […]

What Is The Right Family Size

Ah the joy of experiencing nature! (Image: ## Hayward##) 2
Summer time is here!  It is about time, if I may say so myself.  There are only so many ideas one can come up with to entertain three little kids.  Especially in Iowa where winter lasts for a good six months.  Anyway, it is warm and wonderful outside now.  Cabin […]

Summer Camp Season

Video is a great way to capture those special times.  It can be helpful in those stressful times. 9
Have you ever had one of those days when you needed a reminder of why you had kids?  It sounds bad to say it, but it happens.  Parenting is hard, tiring, unforgiving and often unappreciated work.  If anyone tells you different ask them what they are selling!  I was reminded […]

So, Why Did I Do This Again?

Regardless of where your kids go to school they can enjoy learning at home! (Image: ## Karwowska##) 1
Home school, private school, or public school?  That tends to be a popular question now-a-days.  I am not going to answer it here; even if it had an answer.  What I am going to do is tell you about an amazing resource you can use regardless of your feelings on […]

PreK: Class is in Session

One of my favorite creations is this banana boat.  The water is apple sauce with food coloring.  The cheerio life preservers are attached with a little strawberry jam.  The ship is complete with a cheese sail on a toothpick.  Perfect! 9
My wife, Kim, is a very creative person. She is also very talented. Those two go together very well. However, one of the things I like best about her is that she knows when to just have fun with her creativity. This is actually quite hard for a creative and […]

Fun Food Creations

Most kids enjoy saying their prayers.  As parents, we can encourage this habit to grow. 12
My wife and I try hard to pray with our kids several times a day. We offer the usual blessing before each meal and end any disciplinary action in prayer.  We also pray before we go down for nap and before bedtime.  It has gotten to the point that if […]

A Prayerful Example