Here are some of our favorite activities and crafts for the holidays and general fun.

One of my favorite creations is this banana boat.  The water is apple sauce with food coloring.  The cheerio life preservers are attached with a little strawberry jam.  The ship is complete with a cheese sail on a toothpick.  Perfect! 9
My wife, Kim, is a very creative person. She is also very talented. Those two go together very well. However, one of the things I like best about her is that she knows when to just have fun with her creativity. This is actually quite hard for a creative and […]

Fun Food Creations

Pixable Picture Books have many creative uses. (Image: ## 5
The other day, while taking my usual stroll around the Internet, I ran across an article about a published four year-old author at How Does She?.  Missy had used a photo book from Pixable to publish her daughter’s story.  What a clever idea.  I don’t know of any young woman […]

10 Creative Photo Book Ideas

Image By: ## Studios## 4
Let’s start with a little anonymous poll.  Raise your hand if you had dinner together last night as a family.  Go ahead, I promise no one will be watching or taking notes.  Good, now how many of you enjoyed it?  Go ahead, let’s get those hands back up.  Okay, one […]

Dinner Time Fun