Ideas and experiences for developing lasting and loving relationships with your children and spouse.

Fatherhood is a wonderful adventure.  Embrace it! (Image: ## Losevsky##) 6
Just like Mom, Dad has a day all to himself. That day is Sunday, yep Father’s Day is here again. To be honest, I debated doing a Fathers Day post. Not because I feel it doesn’t deserve special attention, but rather because, as a father, it seems a little self […]

DAD: What Fatherhood Means

So times have changed, but does the family need to?  Maybe, maybe not. (Image: ## 8
So, what size is your family?  Yeah, I know, that is being a little forward isn’t it.  It is a topic that comes up in our house every now and then though.  Currently we have three kids.  We are currently in the process of adopting our fourth.  Hopefully she will […]

What Is The Right Family Size

Most kids enjoy saying their prayers.  As parents, we can encourage this habit to grow. 12
My wife and I try hard to pray with our kids several times a day. We offer the usual blessing before each meal and end any disciplinary action in prayer.  We also pray before we go down for nap and before bedtime.  It has gotten to the point that if […]

A Prayerful Example

Never forget the sacrifices that were required for Old Glory (Image: ##
Today is Memorial day. I, like most of you, enjoy having a day off and spending it with friends and family celebrating the beginning of Summer. Wait a second…. The beginning of Summer? Isn’t that on June 20th? You know the Summer Solstice! Then what is Memorial Day? Ah, that’s […]

Memorial Day: Remember

It is hard to play a group sport without a team. Parenting is similar.  (Image: ## Massink##) 4
Have you ever considered parenting as a group sport? Maybe you should! I am convinced that this parents vs. kids mentality we have in our current culture is not exactly how it was intended to be. Let’s look at this in a little more detail. We will start with a […]

Parenting Should be a Group Sport

Taking time to date can also improve the romance withing your marriage!  (Image: ## Hayward## 3
You probably know about play dates for preschoolers.  You also know that teenagers like to date.  We probably all remember dating in college and as single adults.  How many of you out there know that parents date as well?  Okay, so many of you don’t, but you should!  The idea […]

Yes, Parents Date Too