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The rewards of Motherhood are worth the hours (Image: ## Losevsky##) 5
Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Across the country fathers and kids will be serving their wives and mothers through flowers, home-made gifts, cards, jewelry and breakfast in bed.  Our oldest, Josiah, even volunteered that I should take all the kids somewhere fun and let mom have the day to stay home […]

A Mother’s Profession

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Well, today is May 6th, 2010.  Nine years ago today was a Sunday.  On the previous Friday, I had just completed checking out around 120 guys from various dorms on our college campus.  Just less than 24 hours prior I had walked across the stage and received my diploma.  The […]

Are We Still Newlyweds?

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Okay, how many of you out there have actually researched parenting styles?  That many huh, has anyone out there actually taken a parenting quiz to determine your parenting style?  I had not either until a few weeks ago.  I still have not taken the quiz, I probably should.  Anyway,  I […]

A New Parenting Style