Story Time

Personal stories from the authors and others to provide a little comfort and humor.

Josiah can be silly.  But at 11pm?  No, it made sense to him. 3
I play the saxophone in our Church’s praise band a few weeks out of the month.  Tonight’s band practice was a little later than normal, but that was okay.  I had everything worked out.  I would get home around 9:30pm sit down at the computer and write out a post […]

It Made Sense to Him

Young tadpoles in a driveway puddle.  That frog will not get the parent of the year award. 8
While mowing the lawn over the weekend I made a wonderful discovery.  I noticed the grass clipping that were being thrown into our driveway pool (a forever puddle at the bend of our drive) seemed to make a larger disturbance than usual.  Being the inquisitive type, I shut the blades […]

Unexpected Summer Guests

Video is a great way to capture those special times.  It can be helpful in those stressful times. 9
Have you ever had one of those days when you needed a reminder of why you had kids?  It sounds bad to say it, but it happens.  Parenting is hard, tiring, unforgiving and often unappreciated work.  If anyone tells you different ask them what they are selling!  I was reminded […]

So, Why Did I Do This Again?

Babysitter that are willing to engage the kids are rare.  Be grateful if you have one.  (Image: ## Duplass##) 2
Over the past two years my wife and I have tried to keep regular dates.  It is hard to do and even more so with our adoption currently underway.  I still feel it is important for Kim and I to have time to decompress from a full week or two […]

They Are In Good Hands