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The other day, while taking my usual stroll around the Internet, I ran across an article about a published four year-old author at How Does She?.  Missy had used a photo book from Pixable to publish her daughter’s story.  What a clever idea.  I don’t know of any young woman or man who wouldn’t love to have their stories and drawings made into a book.  Missy also challenged her readers to come up with a few other uses for these inexpensive photo books.  Well, that sounded like a challenge worth taking up, so I did.  Here are a few other uses you and your kids will enjoy.

    • Publish Your Child’s Story – Let your child or children write a creative story and publish it.  They can draw the pictures to go along with it or you could use images from on-line.  Kids of all ages will love this.

Pixable Picture Books have many creative uses. (Image: Pixable)

    • Birthday Album – We make mini birthday scrap books for the kids.  They love to go back and look at the pictures as well as remember what they got and who was at the party.  Pixable is a great solution allowing you to easily mix pictures and text to capture all the great memories.  You could even scan in birthday card greetings so your kids could read them over and over.
    • Grandparent Gifts – What grandparent out there wouldn’t love a photo book either about their grandkids or made by their grandkids.  Have a, “We Love Grandma & Grandpa,” photo shoot with the kids.  Then wrap it all up in a photo book for a mid-year surprise gift.  They will love it!
    • Mini Vacation Book – My wife is the master of scrap booking.  She does it all by hand and creates some amazing albums.  Some of our kids are too young to handle them without damaging them though.  A photo book is a great way to capture a vacation in a medium your kids can look through and enjoy without you stress about it.
    • Child’s Cook Book – Do you have a son or daughter that is interested in cooking or entertained by a play kitchen?  Take a few simple recipes with step by step directions and create their own cook book.  These would be great for both the aspiring chef as well as the virtual cook.
    • A Toddler Friendly Baby Book – As they have grown older, our kids have all been curious of what they looked like and did as a baby.  We are not always comfortable allowing our toddler to look through her baby book for obvious reasons.  How about collecting a few choice photos and writing out a few milestone moments from your child’s infancy and create them their own baby book.

With 22 full color pages for under $8 the options are endless. For a little extra you can add more pages or even a hard cover. (Image: Pixable)

  • Art Portfolio – Do you have an artistic child?  Scan in some of your child’s best or favorite creations and make them an art portfolio.  They will love showing it off to their friends.  It would also be a lot of fun to bring it back out… say around their high school graduation.
  • Personal Reading Primer – If you have a toddler that is working on their reading skills then this could be a big encouragement for them.  Make up a story about them using simple sentences.  Our son enjoys reading the PreK and 1st year reading primers.  I know he would love reading a story about himself.
  • A Simple Family Yearbook – Take a picture or two of each family member and a few pages of stats; you know, favorite color, number, dinner, desert, quote, activity, etc.  You could also include a favorite saying or memory from the year as well as the recipe for their favorite meal.  This would be a great snapshot for each year to complement the full scrapbook I know you are working on.
  • Educational Report – If you home school, or just have a child that is active in a hobby, this would be a great way to publish a report or journal about something they have done or researched.  One example that comes to mind is gardening.  Have them capture photos of the different activities and write a short description of each.  It could be a great learning tool and help develop writing and computer skills as well.

So, here is my list.  I am sure there are others I haven’t thought of.  Pixable can use images from your computer as well as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and several other services.  Their interface is intuitive and surprisingly powerful.  In case you are curious, a 22 page 8×5.5″ soft cover photo book is only $7.95 plus shipping.  Right now, assuming you are a new user, you can head over to Pixable and receive a free 22 page 8×5.5″ photo book just for trying them out.  Use the code PIXBOOK at checkout.  So, what creative idea do you have in mind for your photo book?

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