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Every once in a while we, as parents, get the perfect opportunity to embarrass our kids.  Be honest, most parents are actively looking for these opportunities.  I bet some of you may even try to create them (that is fodder for another post though).  When it comes right down to it we may not even be the cause of the embarrassment but there still something rewarding in it all.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our children (at least I love mine) and would never do anything to intentionally hurt them.  However, a good dose of embarrassment never really hurt anyone now has it?

(Girl waking up after having her wisdom teeth removed)

As much as I enjoy telling the story of how my son scraped his head pretty bad by running headlong into a stationary shopping cart, I think this even out does that.  So, after watching this classic, do any of you have some great stories of this rare joy we share as parents?  If so, lets us hear about them in the comments!

Out of curiosity, did anyone else recognize the song she was singing?  I am guessing this girl is now an adult.  Regardless, Carmen would be proud!

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