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Welcome to RandomActsOfParenting.  I have spent quite a while thinking of what to post for my inaugural post.  My mind raced between some of my favorite resources for parents, several of which have greatly improved my life, and the latest humorous escapade tackled by my oldest.  After a long thought, okay, several long thoughts, I decided a quick introduction was in order first.  Sure, there is an about page here on the blog, but seriously, who actually reads those.  An introduction allows me to focus in on the purpose of this blog and tell you a few of the highlights all at the same time.

So, here it goes.  This is simply a blog about this thing called parenting, ways to improve on this thing called parenting, ways I have failed at this thing called parenting, and ways my children have helped me understand this thing called parenting.  There you have it in a nut shell.  Over time I will hopefully be sharing resources, ideas, stories, questions, concerns, and reminders.  After all, parenting seems to be the most demanding educational process I have ever undertaken.  It makes college look like a walk in the park.  With so much on the line, I take all the tutoring I can get.  Assuming you do as well, I have decided to share what I have learned and what I am learning.  Hopefully it will help.

However, I would simply be rude to leave you without at least something to ponder.  So here you go.  My wife and I have wondered between ourselves about when the honesty phase passes.  Don’t get me wrong, our three-year old, Josiah, can lie with the best of them.  Okay, he actually isn’t very good at it, but he tries on occasions.  However, this does not seem to stop him telling on himself when he does something wrong.  Typically confession looks something like this.

Scream from the living room.
Me: Grace, what is wrong?
Josiah: She is okay, I pushed her… It was an accident.
Me: Josiah, did you know you were pushing your sister?
Josiah: Yes, she won’t leave my trains alone.

There you have it.  Such honesty.  We know they grow out of it by at least age five, be we are enjoying it while it lasts.  To connect these, this is the type of honesty I am hoping to bring to these pages.  There is no perfect parent.  We are all learning and doing our best.  God provides strength and direction, but in our human flesh we will, at some point, be “that parent.”  Here is to learning together.

By the way, if you have a great honesty story in your family please share in the comments.  Humor is good for the soul.

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