Are We Still Newlyweds? 2

Engagement photo - March in Texas!

Well, today is May 6th, 2010.  Nine years ago today was a Sunday.  On the previous Friday, I had just completed checking out around 120 guys from various dorms on our college campus.  Just less than 24 hours prior I had walked across the stage and received my diploma.  The school year was over, the dorms were empty, I was officially a college graduate with a job all lined up.  What else was there to do but get married?  That is right, Kim and I were married nine years ago today.  WOW how time files.  My question though, is, “Are we still newlyweds?”  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as: a person recently married.  Hummmm….. we could fit into this category.  After all, compared to someone who has been married for 40 years (congrats Mom & Dad) 9 seems pretty recent now doesn’t it!

Regardless, we have come a long way in the last nine years.  From buying our first home and laughing at the thought of someone actually letting us live on our own, to bemoaning the onset of the bills and maintenance that followed, we have been blessed.  When school got to be too much and time seemed to drag on, we pushed through to Kim’s masters degree and her first job.  Yep, we have been blessed.  Kim’s job lead us to our second home.  One out in the country where God paints the sky just for us each evening.  We enjoyed busy careers and the realization that dating didn’t end with the “I do’s.”  How we have been blessed.  In time, our happy home of two gave way to a happy home of three… then four… then five… and now six (We love you Grace).  I have to admit, a date night has never been more appreciated, or longed for!  There has been stress, there has been frustration, there has even been exhaustion, but none of these can cover over the love, joy, happiness and comfort we have also enjoyed.  For whatever reasons, we have been blessed.

Our wedding. She makes me look good!

It is nothing short of a miracle how God, in his infinite wisdom, can bring two very imperfect people together and create something so right.  I say this because the joy and happiness I have experienced has little to do with me, and I dare say little to do with Kim.  It is a result of honoring Christ in our marriage, allowing Him to be in control and putting Him and each other ahead of ourselves.  Heaven knows I have not always been the perfect husband regardless of how hard I may try.  No, it has not been through our strength but God’s.  Thank you Lord for caring about us!

Kim, nine years ago I would not have thought it possible to love you more than I did, but I do.  I could never have understood how you would complete me, but you do.  I could not have fathomed the joy, love, peace, happiness, and contentment that you would fill me with, but you have.  May we look back in celebration over the last nine years in giddy anticipation of the years to come.  I love you.  I love everything about you. I am honored to call you a friend, a helper, my confidant, a mother, and a blessing.  Most of all, I am honored to call you my wife.  You will most likely never know how much that one little, “I do,” from nine years ago, means to me.  Thank you!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie - I Love You

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  • Kelly

    Nine years ago I got your ring stuck on my finger and thought I was going to have to rip it of by sheer force there on the stage. Ooh, and a big, black spider went down Kim's dress in the middle of the last prayer, I do not think I ever told her that….Happy Anniversary! Love you both.

    • PhilD41 Post author

      The ring I knew about, the spider I did not. 🙂 Believe it or not, the ring story comes up in conversation every now and then. I for one am glad we didn't have to amputate your finger in the middle of our ceremony. 🙂

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