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It was a morning like every other.  Our kids had slept in and woken up happy.  They all said good morning and use their manners while sharing the bathroom and getting ready for breakfast.  As the morning progressed Kasia, our infant, smiled and laughed while the two older kids played together with their mega blogs.  They were building towers and taking turns knocking them down as various types of natural disasters.  On the couch beside them my wife, Kim, enjoyed a decaffeinated mocha latte while thumbing through her latest Midwest Living magazine.  Then of course, we all woke up and found ourselves square in reality!  (Please tell me you didn’t fall for that)

No, most mornings start off well enough.  Inevitably though, plans end up changing and the day gets rescheduled.  Sometimes a friend’s child wakes up sick and the play date is canceled, or worse, our child is sick.  Other times, activities simply wrap up quicker then expected or, heaven forbid, our kids move a little faster than a snail on Benadryl.  Regardless, there are often days when we have extra time and need a good idea to fill it.  Surprisingly enough, Disney often saves the day.

No, not movies, not books, not even dress-up or action figures.  No, Disney owns and produces the FamilyFun magazine.  If you have heard of this you know exactly how helpful it can be.  It is full of craft ideas, fun activities and games, simple and kid friendly recipes and very practical ideas for engaging you kids in something constructive.  To be honest, it is rather surprising for Disney.  Along with the magazine, they also have a website with a similar layout and they provide printables via e-mail if you register.  All in all, it is one of the better idea resources out there for parents.  More importantly it is one of the more reasonably price ones as well.  You receive 10 issues delivered to your door for only $10 if you order from their site.  Amazon has it for $5 (link provide at right). That my fellow parents is a bargain.

Spend a few minutes on their website or read the reviews at Amazon and see for yourself.  There is nothing in it for me.  I am just a very happy customer and feel this is one resource worthy of being shared.  If you already receive FamilyFun please share your thoughts in the comments.  If not then let us know what you think of it.

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