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A Truck Automoblox 

Every now and then I run across something that makes me stop and say, “Wow, that is a great idea.”  It isn’t every day, or even every week or month for that matter, but it does happen.  I had one of these moments while on a get-a-way with my wife to Chicago last year.  (Thanks mom and dad for taking the kids!)  We had been window shopping on Michigan Avenue most of the day.  We decided to hit the Water Tower Place before heading off to eat dinner. To be honest, we didn’t find much that interested us so we headed out early.  On the way out a little boutique caught our eye and we stopped in.  They had a lot of kids toys and novelty items.  Some I had seen before, others I had not.  The Automoblox were one particular item I had not.  They were also the cause for my, “Wow,” comment above.

These little cars are wonderful.  We decided that our son would absolutely love, shoot, I would love them so we bought them.  Okay, not really.  We used my phone to do some comparison shopping and realized we could buy them on-line for about two-thirds the price.  So we took a note and ordered them when we got back home.  I love technology!  As the months have passed our original assumption has proved to be true.  I love them, oh, so does our son and daughter.  I know the warning says for ages three and up, but Grace has already claimed them as one of her favorite toys.  Needless to say, they quickly earned a permanent spot in the toy corner.  Since our kids have enjoyed these so much, I thought I would tell everyone else about them as well.  So, here is a quick rundown of these little cars called Automoblox.

Automoblox are wood cars with plastic tops and wheels.  They separate into three or more sections and can be completely disassembled. Their top or windshield comes off, the wheels come off, even the rubber tires on the wheels come off.  The true beauty though, is that they can be interchanged with each other.  Each car is color coded so you can put it back together, but you can also make stretched version or in some cases compact version by mixing two or more cars.  They also come in two sizes.  We bought the Mini Automoblox and have been extremely happy with them.

The kids enjoy taking them apart and putting them back together again.  They also enjoy rolling them down ramps and racing them.  They roll amazingly well for having snap on wheels.  As parents we love them because of the skills the kids are learning.  They are a great toy for practicing dexterity.  They also engage the imagination as the kids mix and match.  There is also a component of memory and critical thinking needed to reconstruct the fairly elaborate vehicles.  All in all, after many months, the Automoblox are still a favorite toy in our home. I expect they will remain so for quite some time to come.  I will warn you though, at least for the Mini Automoblox, there are small parts.  We had to keep them away from Grace while she was younger so she didn’t eat the wheels.  They are also easy to lose so having a dedicated box to store them in has been helpful.

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If you are familiar with Automoblox I would love to hear your experiences with them.  As I mentioned, we have not tried the larger versions.  If you have not heard of them then check them out and let me know what you think.  We love them and just wanted to share.

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