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Young tadpoles in a driveway puddle. That frog will not get the parent of the year award.

While mowing the lawn over the weekend I made a wonderful discovery.  I noticed the grass clipping that were being thrown into our driveway pool (a forever puddle at the bend of our drive) seemed to make a larger disturbance than usual.  Being the inquisitive type, I shut the blades off and drove over to see what was going on.  You will never guess what I found… Okay, you probably already know.  One of our neighborhood froggies, as our kids like to call them, decided to have babies in our mud puddle.  This was probably not the best idea that frog has ever had, but for now it is working.  Fortunately for them, this has been one of the wettest spring / summers in the history books and our puddle has yet to threaten a vanishing act.

Our driveway pond. With all the rain it has been there for over 3 weeks.

Well, we could just leave the little guys in the puddle so we quickly found a good home for a few and fished them out.  We now have some temporary pets and our kids love them.  True to the scientific nature of the find, we also have a chart on the wall.  Josiah is checking the tadpoles every day and recording when he notices changes.  There is a place to record when he sees the first hind legs, front legs, shrinking tail and missing tail.  The kids love to watch the little busy-bodies and they get a full-fledged science course out of them as well.  What more could you ask for.

If you happen to have tadpoles near by, you might want to try the same.  Remember to change the water periodically (every few days to a week) and feed them.  They aren’t picky.  A little lettuce here and there does the trick.  Ideally, it would be best to have somewhere the kids could go and see the tadpoles grow up in their natural habitat.  In our case, we aren’t exactly sure how long the puddle is going to last.  I am also fairly sure the garbage truck is going to drive through the middle of it tomorrow which won’t help their average life expectancy either.  We decided a few indoors would entertain the kids a little more and hopefully save them from a dry or rubbery end.

Have you had any unexpected guests this summer?  Have you found a fun way to work in a science lesson with your kids?  If so let me know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Unexpected Summer Guests

  • @composingmama

    cute. the older my son gets, the more he finds and brings inside. from walking sticks, to turtles, to bees… he loves to catch bees. crazy boy! 🙂

    • PhilD41 Post author

      I expect we will get that that day soon. Right now the object of choice is rocks. I have a new rock waiting for me when I get home from work almost every day. Humm… maybe rocks are nicer than bees. 🙂

  • Jamie

    This cracks me up! Seeing as we live in Arizona with practically no rain, therefore no puddles, I think my kids think that frogs are fairy-tale creatures that don't really exist. Next school year though, we're studying ants and butterflies. so our scientific pursuits will still be going strong. Sans tadpoles.

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  • Anne-Marie

    When children are young everything is fascinating and a lesson. Mine are older now and have to cope with decisions regarding i.e. schooling, choice of friends, etc. I only hope I prepared them well. Thanks for sharing.


  • PhilD41 Post author

    Thanks for the comments. We had to expand our lesson yesterday to include the food chain. Apparently thousands of small tadpoles in a shallow puddle makes easy picking for our local feathered friends. So far our captive tadpoles are fairing better then their brother and sisters.

  • Salma

    How cool the ideas is! I assure my kids will love this stuff. On the photo tod poles look so cute and innocent. By anyway I think it is interesting to observe how they grow up!

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