Ad Information

Currently there is only one ad network displaying ads on this site.  That will change as this blog progresses.  As they do, information will be provided here on the different ad networks displayed as well as how to report inappropriate ads.

Google Adsense

The Google Adsense program is the most widely use advertising network on the Internet.  They target their ads directly to the content of the site which help provide useful and relevant ads.  This is helpful to you as the reader and myself as the content provider.  Despite Google’s efficiency at delivering ads, they don’t always get it right.  To help with this, Google provides several ways for me to stop an ad or advertiser from displaying ads on this blog.

The intent of this blog is to provide useful information in the field of parenting and family development.  If you see an ad that is not family friendly or simply completely of the mark please let me know.  You will need to provide me with the URL of the ad so I can track it down.  This information can be obtained without viewing the ad by right clicking on the ad and selecting “Copy Short Cut” (IE) or “Copy Link Location” (FF).  Then simply send it to me.

Ads In General

Most of the ads on this site are provided from one ad networks or another.  I don’t have the time or the resources to investigate every company that uses these networks.  Please use your own due diligence before doing business with these vendors as you would for any other company.  A great place to start is with the Better Business Bureau (  They can tell you if the company is legit and upstanding.