Knock Knock

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How many of you like commercials featuring cute little babies?  Come on now, be honest.  Okay, what if I widen the question to include computer “enhanced” babies as well?  Does that change anything?  There have been several companies that have done well by featuring babies in their commercials.  The latest […]

The Baby Commercial Trend

Ah the joy of experiencing nature! (Image: ## Hayward##) 2
Summer time is here!  It is about time, if I may say so myself.  There are only so many ideas one can come up with to entertain three little kids.  Especially in Iowa where winter lasts for a good six months.  Anyway, it is warm and wonderful outside now.  Cabin […]

Summer Camp Season

There is no quick fix to help parents get the sleep they need.  (Image: ## Borkowski##) 3
I am pretty sure there isn’t actually a real medical condition called parenting induced insomnia (PII), but there should be. Technically I guess it should be parenting induced sleep deprivation.  I am pretty sure I could sleep if just given the chance.  Regardless, I thought I would take some time […]

Parenting Induced Insomnia

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Today’s trek to the lighter side comes from a master of funny.  You might consider this a classic, I do.  I am pretty sure the theology is not completely accurate but the intent is quite freeing.  I still say that whoever says kids are inherently good and learn to be […]

They Just Come That Way

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Some jokes are funny.  Some jokes are funny and true.  This happens to be one of the later.  I don’t know that it is a true story, but I expect similar conversations have taken place hundreds of times.  So, true or not, enjoy the dialog as a teacher in Texas […]

These Aren’t My Boots

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Every once in a while we, as parents, get the perfect opportunity to embarrass our kids.  Be honest, most parents are actively looking for these opportunities.  I bet some of you may even try to create them (that is fodder for another post though).  When it comes right down to […]

The Dental Chair Rap