Naughty Chair

Tips and ideas for dealing with the need to discipline.

There are times when kids will be kids.  How we react can hlep them grow!  (Image: ## Studios## 1
Every once and a while my wife and I get frustrated because our son acts like a three year-old.  Oddly enough, he is.  So why does this surprise us?  That my friend is a very good question.  Yet for some reason we still look a little shocked when he comes […]

Acting Like A Three Year Old

Temper tantrums and tattling do not mix well.  (Image: mdanys) 3
Tattlefit! You may not be familiar with this word.  Actually, I am pretty sure you aren’t.  Why? Well, I just made it up.  A tattlefit is the art of throwing a temper tantrum, or fit while simultaneously tattling on your brother or sister.  Josiah has this down to an art […]

Tattlefits, Not Your Average Tantrum