A Cure for Whining

From "No More Whining" by Ginger Plowman


Like many young couples expecting their first child, Kim and I talked through some of the “fights” we were willing to have with our kids. Several older and much wiser parents had told us to pick them carefully so we decided to get an early start. On the top of the “Our kids shall never” list was whining. My wife is much more sensitive to it than I am, but I agreed that it is annoying, to us and others, and at its core, disrespectful. So, we now knew that our kids would never whine. After all, if you

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PreK: Class is in Session

Regardless of where your kids go to school they can enjoy learning at home! (Image: ##http://www.photoxpress.com/stock-photos/face/girl/beautiful/5485645##Anna Karwowska##)


Letter of the Week Curriculum Examples from Confessions of a Homeschooler

Home school, private school, or public school? That tends to be a popular question now-a-days. I am not going to answer it here; even if it had an answer. What I am going to do is tell you about an amazing resource you can use regardless of your feelings on the above question. Besides, we all teach our kids at home even if they are not receiving their formal education from us.

It won’t be hard to tell how Confesions of a Homeschooler answered the above question.

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Welcome CPF Readers

Kids will not learn how to wisely manage money on their own, we must be willing to teach them. (Image: ##http://www.photoxpress.com/stock-photos/sun/bank/box/659832##jeancliclac##)


Kids will not learn how to wisely manage money on their own, we must be willing to teach them. (Image: jeancliclac)

If you have found yourself here via CPF then allow me to give you a warm welcome! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and say hi. There were many reasons I started to blog. Several are explained on the About page. One of my primary reasons was the inspiration I received by reading Bob Lotich’s blog, Christian Personal Finance. Today, Bob has encouraged me again by posting an article I wrote on how to

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Dad Knows Everything

All kids should know how their favorite toys are made, right? (Image: ##http://www.sxc.hu/photo/374217##oscaranmi##


All kids should know how their favorite toys are made, right? (Image: oscaranmi

My son is convinced that I can fix absolutely anything. Come to think about it, I do a pretty good job living up to his expectations. Granted most things he breaks are not actually damaged or at least not too bad. He is also pretty sure that I know everything. This is a little harder to live up to. He tends to be a very inquisitive child. In general, this is a good thing. At times it can be quite challenging.

Such was the case

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A Mother’s Profession

The rewards of Motherhood are worth the hours (Image: ##http://www.photoxpress.com/stock-photos/woman/female/girl/5740985##Pavel Losevsky##)


The rewards of Motherhood are worth the hours (Image: Pavel Losevsky)

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Across the country fathers and kids will be serving their wives and mothers through flowers, home-made gifts, cards, jewelry and breakfast in bed. Our oldest, Josiah, even volunteered that I should take all the kids somewhere fun and let mom have the day to stay home and rest. He is a smart little guy isn’t he. Regardless of how the appreciation is shown, mothers of all ages will be soaking up the attention on their one day of fame and recognition. Rightfully so

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A Documentary on Dads

##http://evolutionofdad.com##The Evolution of Dad##


The Evolution of Dad

Sometimes as a Dad, I have a hard time finding time to do everything life hands me. I work hard during the day, then have a few hours after work to invest with my kids. Once they are in bed I have an hour or so to invest in my wife before our bed time. I often find myself staying up late to do many of the mundane tasks like balancing the checkbook, writing this blog, or even cleaning the fish tanks. At any given time there are about a hundred items on my

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Magazines: FamilyFun

Family Fun Magazine


FamilyFun Magazine Covers

It was a morning like every other. Our kids had slept in and woken up happy. They all said good morning and use their manners while sharing the bathroom and getting ready for breakfast. As the morning progressed Kasia, our infant, smiled and laughed while the two older kids played together with their mega blogs. They were building towers and taking turns knocking them down as various types of natural disasters. On the couch beside them my wife, Kim, enjoyed a decaffeinated mocha latte while thumbing through her latest Midwest Living magazine. Then of course,

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A Quick Introduction

Image By: ##http://deanstudios.net##DeanStudios##


Image By: Dean Studios

Welcome to RandomActsOfParenting. I have spent quite a while thinking of what to post for my inaugural post. My mind raced between some of my favorite resources for parents, several of which have greatly improved my life, and the latest humorous escapade tackled by my oldest. After a long thought, okay, several long thoughts, I decided a quick introduction was in order first. Sure, there is an about page here on the blog, but seriously, who actually reads those. An introduction allows me to focus in on the purpose of this blog and

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